I threw my youth, in the insane madness of my twenties, there remains nothing to me aside from the sweet memories…

The long bike rides, the conversations at dawn with complete strangers, the beautiful beach views, the sunset’s and the fresh air on my skin, the sensation of feeling free and invincible

Having nothing but yet having it all 🙂

Within the four seasons of life where time passes. I still sing like a bird and smile carefree to my amazing stories

I look back, I look forward and I live each day with a smile because I grew dancing on the golden sand feeling the freedom that no one can take away from me 😉

Ps: Life is beautiful, you live only once so do what makes you happy, create memories… but above all, live life to your terms and conditions not on someone else’s terms and conditions. Take some risks, take some chances, try new things and don’t be afraid to be, who you are meant to be


Doing the right thing when no one is looking ….

But what’s right to me might not be right to you, isn’t it all about perception ?!…. How many people on a day to day really do the right thing or just shut a blind eye to what’s happening because its just easier … I have recently been questioning integrity because there is a big difference in between my realistic world and the world out there. I never thought it would be easy far from it but at the same time I never thought that every little step would be full of hurdles…

I recently had a conversation with a close friend anout what she thought doing the right thing meant and she told me “it’s telling someone the truth”. I digged down and she told me the truth to her meant listening to you gut instinct and acting upon what your gut tells you. I started to think how can one be certain that what their gut tells them is indeed the right thing ?!. but she went on to tell me that the gut is never wrong as long as reasoning and justifications from somewhere doesn’t come into it. She said any decision one makes should be led by feelings the one that come from the core of your stomach and that’s how you know you are doing the right thing. Interesting …

But recently with everything that has been happening around me, my perception on things is kind of upside down and I have started to question what is the right thing anyway? Whose standards do we take into account when measuring right and wrong ? Society ? Culture ? People? The society in which we live in?! That society also sets standards on what is right and what is wrong. But if one is really honest here truthfully the right thing isn’t always the easiest thing to do regardless of what that may be…

I have had to put my pride aside and apologise for something I knew I had done wrong, I also have had to say and give up on things or on people because I knew it was the right thing and honestly the latter is not always the easiest thing to do.

But thinking about it more and more… we know we have done the right things by the response we get from the people around us, and most importantly by our conscience, that little inner voice when we know we aren’t doing the right thing and the way our heart beats. One can ignore it for a little while but it eventually catches up back and whispers again and again it keeps knocking at our door until we no longer can bear it.

I was having this discussion with another friend of mine and he said something interesting doing right sometimes has consequences i.e. Like you might lose friends, family member and get hurt and he would rather not do the right thing ….For him being able to look at himself in a mirror with smile,knowing he has done the right thing at the cost of his friends and family isn’t worth it….

I don’t blame him to be honest 10 – 15 years ago I would have thought exactly like him but the older I grow the more it matters to me…No matter at what cost doing the right thing comes to. Going to bed each night knowing I have done what was right without fighting the inner voice matters to me because if we all walk with our eyes shut and stop doing the right thing, when no one is looking then there will be no hope for the present or the future.
And truely who wants to live in that kind of world

Life is just like music

Life is just like a music, with beats…slow beats, fast beats, high notes, slow notes … sometime sad, sometime happy. To begin with its all mystery and at the end it all fall in place. The most important is the middle where all the emotions and turmoil makes it worthwhile. Some songs are worth it all. Someone once said “Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music” we should say the same about people that live life “They are considered insane by those who stand back and look at others moving on and going for their dreams”

Thinking about it music in many way prepared me for life, music kept me going and stood by me when I had nothing. Music also gave me the opportunity to dream. I feel like I wouldn’t be complete if i hadn’t learned the lessons from music. The biggest lesson music taught me is that it strip down economic status, race and gender it just put us all on the same line. Anyone can practise music, anyone can enjoy music you can be a child, an elderly or a young adult it doesn’t matter and if music can belong to anyone and everyone than it can happen in any field in Life but yet we restrict ourselves by our believes. We really have the ability to be anywhere and do anything if we really put our mind to it no one can stop us but yet the things we want the most we restrain ourselves from them and let our subconscious take the lead.

Perhaps we should enjoy life the way we enjoy music 😉

Sense of purpose

For a while now I really want to shake things around me, I want to shake the society and I want to see a change. I want a sense of purpose in my life. But perhaps I am aiming to high, I want way too much and I can’t settle for less and I want it way too soon…

I am finding myself to be very restless at the moment like there is something that needs to be fulfilled and until its not I won’t be complete. I always say we run from pillar to post to achieve what?! God knows. But it’s not about proving anything, its not about achieving anymore, its not about earning money it’s something deeper. I want to shake things to the core, I want things to change as Gandhi said if you want to see the change you have to be the change. I realised a long time a go that most of the time the problem is there staring at us, right in our face but what’s the solution?

We often chose to ignore things because its convenient, because it’s easy, because they aren’t happening to us.But why,why why? Why not be that change, why not stand up for each other. Why not stand up for what’s right

Yes you can change things by taking little steps, by being an example but is it enough? I am from a generation where it’s never enough. I want, we want more more more but what’s the limit ???

I read somewhere ” If you wish to have a sense of purpose and motivation in life you need to believe deeply in something” but is believing enough you can believe in things but if you don’t take the first steps how are you going to make things happen. I don’t want to be motivated by greed, selfishness or hedonism and that’s not what motivates me in life.

Perhaps I need to first cultivate compassion and then only steps by steps I will be able to fulfil a deeper sense of purpose. Perhaps the key is to actually work hard to help others and everything will follow.

Meri Kahani

Yeh hai meri kahani

Thodi si tanhaye, thoda sa shor

Shor aur sharaba wali zindagi mili

Shor ko bhulane ke liye kamoshi thi

Lekin dunya, kamosh insan ka faida utha thi hai

Kamoshi thodne ke liye zaida shor machana para

Lekin pareshani bhi bahaut seh li thi

Dastaan jo puri karni thi

Haar daastan ki apni kimaat hoti hai

Lekin mujhe kya patha tha

Ki is daastan ki kimaat tanhaye thi

Yaadon ke kante kaafi chube

Phir samaj aya ki apni niyam pe jeene ke liye kimat chukani parti hai

Lekin daastan pe meri nazrein thi
Apni daastan diwar  todne ki thi

Kya pata tha ki diwar toote the nahi hain

Lekin khud ke haath toot jate hai

Bas yehi hai meri kahani



Apni zindagi mein ajnabi

Aaj mein apni dunya mein ajnabi jaise mehsoos karti houn

Aaj mein apne dil mein ajnabi jaise nazar ati houn

Yunhi to  puri dunya ghoom li

Yunhi to daulat kaama bhi li

Kehne ko to kahaniyan bhi bahaut hain

Lekin phir bhi apni zindagi mein ajnabi jaise mehsoos karti houn

Lekin phir bhi apne dil mein ajnabi jaise nazar ati houn

Bahaut guzari hain raatein akeli

Bahaut guzari hain raatein apne akele pan ke saath

Lekin phir bhi apni zindagi mein ajnabi jaise mehsoos karti hour

Chali thi apni zindagi se door

Chali thi apne sapne pure karne

Socha tha shanti udhar ya idhar milegi

Lekin phir bhi apni zindagi mein ajnabi jaise mehsoos karti houn

Apni haar manatein puri ki

Apni haar kwawish puri ki

Phir bhi apne dil mein ajnabi jaise nazar ati houn

Phir bhi apni zindagi mein ajnabi jaise mehsoos karti houn

Spread your wings and be what you were meant to be ….

Never forget yourself, don’t settle for what you have but settle for what you want, never lose your self in the crow and the most important spread your wings and be, be what you are meant to be because life is to short to live it on others terms and conditions. Have your own terms and conditions make your own rules and achieve, achieve anything or everything even something but achieve and when I say achieve it can be achieve happiness, fulfiment, hope anything just achieve.  If opportunties don’t come to you make them, create them because nothing is owed to you and nothing happens by itself in this world but most importantly never forget, never forget who you are, where you came from and who you were destined to be. My friend people will put you down, they will make you feel like nothing and the good thing is that you will raise above them because you will have hope, hope for the future, hope for your self and you will believe in the beauty of your dreams, if you head no 100 times you will says yes 101 times because life doesn’t stop here and a life with no meaning is no life you have all your life to die so you might as well live and live happy, live with a smile such an expensive smile than no one ever can take that smile off you, yes never forget to spread your wings and live.. live live liveeeeeeeeeeeeeee